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November 27 2010


Strange Loop 2009 Keynote: Minimalism in Computing

With this keynote talk, delivered at a conference in St Louis in October of 2009, Minima is done. I've been thinking about minimalism and simplicity in technology for the past two years, and this tumblelog has been my scrapbook as I've explored the topic. It remains an important influence on my life and work, but I no longer have a need to gather materials in support of it. The talk was my opportunity to synthesize my thinking about the influence of Minimalist art on computing, and hopefully it provides some context for what I've gathered here.

If you'd like a daily dose of simplicity-related content, the Minimal and Minimal Mac tumblelogs have both been extremely active of late.

If you value Minimalist ideals, go out into the world and share them in everything you do. Thanks for reading.
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